Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mocc's For the Minis!

See these feet 

See these Adorable Moccasins!?!
 Dontcha think Harlow would be beyond cute rocking them!
I stalk freshly picked, I enter every giveaway, I have even considered buying a pre-paid visa just to snag some without the hubby knowing!(he will skin me alive if i spend one more penny on baby goodies, BUT these are must have!) What isn't to love about Freshly Picked?! These bad boys are one of kind, gorgeous leather and ssuede kicks for kidlets! Where were these gems When Korbin and Ryker were bebes?! They were stuck wearing those crib shoes with dinos and race cars. I admit I drool over these moccs, secretly wish they came in my size, and i plan out outfits from Harlow's closet that would go perfectly with these beauty's! I'm pretty sure if I dont win one of the amazing giveaways, I will break and buy a pair(ok maybe a few
If you didnt know abou Freshly Picked 
Well now ya do!
Get to stalking!!
And you can thank me later.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ryker for Born2LoveClothing

Have you checked out Born to Love Clothing?! 
You should, they offer the cutest accessories for the kidlets, head over and give their stuff a peek!
You wont regret it!!