Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So i am the compulsive of pretty much everything. To top if off i am a compulsive i can do all DIY things, and lets just say that is a horrible combo.. I'm starting to think I am turning into a hoarder(shhh dont tell my hubby) I finally started making fabric flowers, and I am in LOVE. i found the cutest DIY tutorial for a t-shirt necklace, and i just got around to taking a few pictures sporting it. (dont mind the quick 1 am pictures lol) thought i would share!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Things I Love Tuesday

Femme Fatale came out today. and yes I am a die hard Britney fan ;)

Shoes and Cameras.. A girls best friends

Summer Dresses, High Heels, and Legs for days

Hanging up tomorrow!

Um can i have this Room PLEASe, oh and the bathroom below to match!!!!


Girly Girl World.. hard in a house with 3 Boys...

Horrible Jeffrey Campbell craving.. i want every delicious pair he has created

Framed and Hanging in my boys Room!

♥ her, and this Picture

Monday, March 28, 2011

Self Love. I Am Beautiful!

Oh The Joy Of Boys ;)

He gets it from his Momma ;)

If pictures could talk.(he would be saying get the camera out of my effing face)

I would say Scheming up his next master plan

Ryker to Korbin "I am 2 seconds away from freaking the eff out if you DO NOT get out of my car" (LOL)

HAHAHAHAHA I am in the driver seat of MY car. ha.. burn

Stick to your Dora "motorcycle" and I'll stick to my Awesome car

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paper Mama Challenge: Sweet

I know when I think of sweet, 500 different things come to mind. Sweet treats, sweet moments, sweet kisses... When I started looking through some photos from the day and came across this one of my boys I couldn't think of anything sweeter. No tears(yet) no fist flying(yet) and the look on their faces almost looks like brotherly love(sweet right) :) It kind of melted my heart. Then I went on to the next photo of Ryker having a total moment because he was NOT down to sharing HIS car... But i must say it was and is a totally sweet moment on film!

The Paper Mama

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Things I Love Tuesday!

Just Another Manic Monday.

Just started babysitting my niece.. umm eeeekkkkk 3 boys and 2 barbies now at my house lol. should make for an interesting spring :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


In the gorgeous town we live in.....(hear the sarcasm in my voice) The Orchards are a blooming. I did a mini session marathon and i couldn't help but share a FAVORITE of mine. I am sooo in love with this session!!!! This shoot is SOOC and absolute perfection :) had to share!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photo Challenge Vintage!

Hard Choice...


Quote Of The Day :)

UGHHHHHH.. SO I'm still on this diet work out BS train.... ummm CAN I GET OFF AT THE NEXT STOP.... mailto:IJHf*%5E@*%5E*)UDH*)@U_ My thoughts exactly... GRR weight just please go away.. I am soo over this up down coaster... WHOS WITH ME hahahahaha. 1st off its soo hard to diet with 2 little mini humans eating whatever they please.(um ill just take a piece of that, a bite of this, a snack of their snacks) I cant make them live off of water and nothing.. right.. So I mess up there... Oh and exercising psshh ever do P90x with a toddler wrapped around you leg.. oh ya that's me.. and that chick past out on the treadmill at midnight at the gym THATS ME! So. ya just thought I'd vent for a minute :)
P.S My header is coming together.

P.S.S My family pictures are scheduled!!!!