Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh The Joy Of Boys ;)

He gets it from his Momma ;)

If pictures could talk.(he would be saying get the camera out of my effing face)

I would say Scheming up his next master plan

Ryker to Korbin "I am 2 seconds away from freaking the eff out if you DO NOT get out of my car" (LOL)

HAHAHAHAHA I am in the driver seat of MY car. ha.. burn

Stick to your Dora "motorcycle" and I'll stick to my Awesome car


  1. Aw, what sweet boys you have! Thanks for stopping over and leaving me a comment!

    Babe in Boyland

  2. Too funny. I got a second car to avoid the fights between Taylor and her friends, I got then used to avoid creating more huge plastic things that will one day end up in a land fill, I digress.

    I bought used, so I was not picky on the color, they do not match, the kids still fight over one car. They may fight even if they were the exact same but really..I am trying here.



  3. Elena. OMG. we had 2 cars. and they never played with them i swear. we moved from a house with a yard to an apartment with a patio, I am the mom who pays 2 of EVERYTHING to try to aviod the fighting but.. out the 5 hundred cars they have they find the one lightening Mcqueen and fight over it.. my kids are just getting their toys back today so we will see how the fighting goes. LOL Oh the joys of parenthood right ;)

  4. Hehe so cute! and your commentary s funny :)