Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quote Of The Day :)

UGHHHHHH.. SO I'm still on this diet work out BS train.... ummm CAN I GET OFF AT THE NEXT STOP.... mailto:IJHf*%5E@*%5E*)UDH*)@U_ My thoughts exactly... GRR weight just please go away.. I am soo over this up down coaster... WHOS WITH ME hahahahaha. 1st off its soo hard to diet with 2 little mini humans eating whatever they please.(um ill just take a piece of that, a bite of this, a snack of their snacks) I cant make them live off of water and nothing.. right.. So I mess up there... Oh and exercising psshh ever do P90x with a toddler wrapped around you leg.. oh ya that's me.. and that chick past out on the treadmill at midnight at the gym THATS ME! So. ya just thought I'd vent for a minute :)
P.S My header is coming together.

P.S.S My family pictures are scheduled!!!!

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