Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paper Mama Challenge: Sweet

I know when I think of sweet, 500 different things come to mind. Sweet treats, sweet moments, sweet kisses... When I started looking through some photos from the day and came across this one of my boys I couldn't think of anything sweeter. No tears(yet) no fist flying(yet) and the look on their faces almost looks like brotherly love(sweet right) :) It kind of melted my heart. Then I went on to the next photo of Ryker having a total moment because he was NOT down to sharing HIS car... But i must say it was and is a totally sweet moment on film!

The Paper Mama


  1. How cute! I love their expressions! Such a sweet moment!

  2. oh HOW adorable!! My kiddos loved to sit in their car together. I pushed them around for hours.