Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's the effing Catalina wine mixer!!

We made it out alive! My first ever girls trip! :) We used to have a house in Catalina we spent 3 weeks there every summer, and haven't been back since i was 12... 14 long years in the making. We decided for my sisters 31st(shh don't tell her i told) birthday we were going to take a girls trip to Catalina Island! It is crazy walking through the lil town nestled into the side of the mountain and reminiscing about how much fun this lil island brought us as kids. By the end of the trip the other girls were so sick of hearing all our we were here we walked here did this right here memories. Its insane how much pleasure we found in little things when we were younger and how small the island seemed going back as an adult. We jam packed so much into the 3days we were there, golf cart driving(only way around the place a local told us he waited 13 years to get his car over there because of the limit) beach cruiser cruising, snorkeling, drinks on desconso beach, making friends with all the locals, a huge pod of dolphins seeing us out to sea from the Long Beach harbor, feeding the deer who come into town because the mountains are so dry right now, and totally enjoying ME time for once in my life after motherhood! I will share in a few post just because i am scared i will lose them blogger has not been nice to me. We will start with the beginning of our trip!

Boats and Hoes ;)

waiting for a fishie

going through all my dolphin pictures( I think i took more pictures of dolphins and deer then of us lol) and i cant help but smile its one thing to see a "wild" animal in a zoo but its another to experience an actually free wild animal. Almost all had babies in tow still kind of gives me goose bumps!

almost out of the harbor

Sisters for LIFE!

Biggie Smalls :)

Long Beach Harbor