Sunday, December 26, 2010

Night Of Lights.

In this small town of Bakersfield we have this little place they like to call a "Zoo" its more like a lil reserve for animals that were hurt or unable to live in the wild. But OK we will call it a Zoo. :) So at this zoo they have their annual Christmas lights thingy. My mother-in-laws birthday is really close to Christmas so we always find a Christmas-y thing to do for her. So off to the Zoo we go :) Thank gosh we decided to go before the rain of the century hit California. But my boys LOVED it. Ryker set on Santa's lap and told him how good he has been, Korbin set back because he had to have his own bag of the Yummiest :) Kettle Corn in the world(I'm eating it as i type), Me, Hubby, the boys, and the parentals danced in the middle of the crowds with the dancing light trees(yes people probably thought we were crazy, and we topped it off with a Carousal Ride that almost caused me to up-chuck all that yummy kettle corn(i think the horses thought they were in a race and all were in a mad dash for 1st) Korbin of course loved it and Ryker wanted off at the 2nd time around. Korbin wanted seconds, I however had my feet planted on the mossy grass and still felt like i was spinning. The awesome daddy he is braved that race of porcelain horses 2 more time. All in all it was just what we needed, but Korbin made sure to note that next time we come to the zoo he wants to see the animals NOT lights :)

Yes he is connected to her hip.. thats Gran Nan. for you.

watching Dad get his Kettle corn

i would pay the 12 dollars to get in just so i could get more of that stuff :)


my boys can get down

lol who is paying attentiom

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boys will be..... gray hair inducing?!

So in lovely sunny California.. wait scratch that. we haven't seen the sun in what seems like weeks. I had a plan. We have scheduled family pictures with the AMAZING Christina Looker of but not for a few months. So i had this bright idea i could somehow manage to do some myself.. Well being the last minute person i am(and trying to work with weather and my hubby's work sch) we received somewhere around 12inches of rain. i thought it may never stop. It just goes without saying the weather didn't work with my hubby's sch, so i ventured out to try and get some last minute pictures of the boys... Ya. i think i spot a gray hair coming. ;)

he isn't a picture person, or doing anything he doesnt want to for that matter..I smell terrible twos a brewing

Monday, December 20, 2010

Post a photo of yourself along with fifteen facts about you.

15 Facts

Miss Meranda

1. I tell people I am 5'12..because lets be honest 6 feet just doesn't sound girly..but yes i am a tall drink of water.

2. I could live off of Pasta seriously i do not know how i could go without carbs. i would die on the spot if someone took away my garlic and butter noodles.

3. We have Yo-Yo at our house at least 3 times a week, I don't mind cooking its the mess that comes with it, and my kids don't eat the 5 course meals i make they are much happier with Top O Ramon, then what I make.(Yo-Yo= your on your own)

4. I would kill over and die without caffeine.. Don't even get me started on how many times i cut out soda and coffee, only to be dying by 1pm with the worst caffeine margarine EVER.

5. I will play with all bugs and creatures except spiders. I have let daddy long legs keep me from entering my house because they were to close to my front door. I am terrified of Spiders!

6. I some how function better on 4 hours of sleep rather then 8+.

7. I AM A REALITY TV WHORE.. LOL I would be lost without it.

8.I read ALOT, I can read a 400 page book in a night, you know the ones you cant put down because u are so entwined in them, and you stop reading and u feel like its a show on another station and your missing it?!

9. I have a lot of tattoos! Umm DUh.

10. My boys are TOTAL Mamma's Boys to the core. I have to take 2 steps back sometimes because i find myself trying to paint their nails and straighten their hair. haha

mamma's boys doesn't = girls Meranda.

11. Saying i have been through alot in my 25 years is an understatement. I've lived way more then i should have and had to grow up why to young.. but i don't regret it. It made me the woman I am today and I wouldn't trade that for the world(even on my days when I am a lil TOO rough around the edges)

12. I have a really hard time getting along with other females(LOL) IDK why but my sister is and has been my BFF forever. I dont know if its my Straight up attitude or my overly genuine heart.. or my dominate Taurus-ness lol. but i cant seem to find friends that i mesh well with.. welcome to the blog world.

13. I own Wayy to many pairs of shoes.. and WAYY to many Betsey Johnson bags.. but like the book/movie(in her shoes) says shoes and bags will always fit!

14.I take my camera everywhere I go and use it probably 30% of those places.

15. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions on my face. trust me you will know how i feel one way or another. I guess i am really hard to handle.

But thats Me.

365.. pssh let me try 30. :)

Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge
I am as addicted to Facebook as a person can be. I'm always connected via my iPhone & love feeling like I am a part of my family & friends' daily lives. There has recently been a photo meme (sort of a questionnaire) going around & I thought that with a bit of tweaking, it would make for a perfect blog challenge.

It consists of posting a photo a day for thirty days; each day brings a new request. How fun, no? For someone like, me this is a serious bucket load of fun. Yes, bucket is a standard unit of measurement. At is in my world. The tweak? Adding writing into the mix. Why this photo? Who is that? Why is this special? Etc.

My hope is to get as many of you bloggers to participate as I can. Many of you are amazing photographers & I can't wait to see what you come up with.

The List
Day One: Post a photo of yourself along with fifteen facts about you.
Day Two: Post a photo of you & the person you have been the closest with for the longest. Why is this person special to you?
Day Three: Post a photo of the cast from your favorite show. Why do you love this particular show so much? Who is your favorite cast member & why?
Day Four: Post a photo that best sums up the night you've had tonight. What did you do? Why was it fun?
Day Five: Post a photo of your favorite memory. Why is this your favorite memory? What made it so special?
Day Six: Post a photo of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day. Why did you choose this person? What do you admire most about their life? What can you do to make your life more fulfilling?
Day Seven: Post a photo of your most treasured item. Why is this item special to you? How did you come to own this item?
Day Eight: Post a photo that makes you laugh. What made this moment so funny?
Day Nine: Post a photo of the person who has gotten you through the most. What did this person do for you during your troubled time? What made you turn to them out of everyone else in your life?
Day Ten: Post a photo of the person you do the most crazy/silly things with. What is it about this person that makes you able to be crazy/silly? What is your most favorite crazy/silly memory with this person?
Day Eleven: Post a photo of something you hate. Why do you hate this? What is it about this item/person that you despise?
Day Twelve: Post a photo of something you love. Why do you love this? What specifics can you give me about why you live this item/person?
Day Thirteen: Post a photo of your favorite band or artist. Why do you love this band/artist? What song(s) in particular do you love & why? Post the lyrics to your favorite song by this artist/band & bold the ones that hold the most meaning for you.
Day Fourteen: Post a photo of a person you could never live your life without. What is special about this person? Tell me the ten things you love most about them.
Day Fifteen: Post a photo of something you want to do before you die. Why did you choose this? Do you have a plan set in action so you can accomplish this? If not, what can you do to be sure you do this before you die?
Day Sixteen: Post a photo of someone who inspires you. Why does this person specifically inspire you? Can you tell me a story about this person?
Day Seventeen: Post a photo of something that has made an impact on your life recently. Why did this impact you? Was it negatively or positively? What did it make you change in yourself?
Day Eighteen: Post a photo of your biggest insecurity. Why are you insecure about this particular thing? What can you do to change it? Do you want to change it?
Day Nineteen: Post a photo of someone close to you who has passed. Write a letter to them.
Day Twenty: Post a photo of somewhere you would like to travel. Why this location? Is there something special you would like to do there? Describe for me what you imagine your perfect day there would be like.
Day Twenty One: Post a photo of something you want to remember forever. What is special about this memory? Describe the smell, sounds & tastes of that moment. Who were the people with you? What did they do to help make that moment special?
Day Twenty Two: Post a photo of something you wish you were better at. Why do you want to be better at this particular thing? What can you do now to help yourself in being better?
Day Twenty Three: Post a photo of your favorite book. Write down a favorite paragraph. Why did you choose this paragraph? How has this book influenced your life?
Day Twenty Four: Post a photo of something you wish you could change. Can you still change it? What about this would you change & why?
Day Twenty Five: Post a photo that best sums up your day today. What did you do today? What was the best part of your day? What was the worst part of your day.
Day Twenty Six: Post a photo of someone/something that means a lot to you. Why does this item/person mean so much? Tell me the story behind the item & if it's a person, tell me your favorite story about them.
Day Twenty Seven: Post a photo of yourself & an extended family member. Why did you choose this photo? What is so special about this family member? Tell me your favorite memory about them.
Day Twenty Eight: Post a photo of something you're afraid of. Why are you afraid of this? Do you have any irrational fears? If so, what are they? What can you do to try & overcome these fears?
Day Twenty Nine: Post a photo that always makes you smile. What about this photo makes you smile? Is there a story behind it? Who is in the photo? What makes them special?
Day Thirty: Post a photo of someone you miss. Why do you miss this person? Tell me the three things you miss most about this person. Why are they special to you?

If you'd like to participate, I've created a button for the challenge that you can place in each of your daily posts. Your posts don't have to be daily for thirty days, each can be a few days apart, but I'm hoping we can all get through the list.

BWS tips button

Friday, December 3, 2010

365 of Me. N.E.R.D


LOL not sure i can keep up with this. haha

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sweet as Candy!

I had the pleasure(shhh she doesn't know her mom hounded me for 3days for my sick butt to take her pics) of Photographing my niece Addyson for her 1st birthday invites, etc. I cant resist this lil girl and just had to share a few!!!

We went out the night before but she wasn't having  any of me or my camera...