Monday, December 20, 2010

Post a photo of yourself along with fifteen facts about you.

15 Facts

Miss Meranda

1. I tell people I am 5'12..because lets be honest 6 feet just doesn't sound girly..but yes i am a tall drink of water.

2. I could live off of Pasta seriously i do not know how i could go without carbs. i would die on the spot if someone took away my garlic and butter noodles.

3. We have Yo-Yo at our house at least 3 times a week, I don't mind cooking its the mess that comes with it, and my kids don't eat the 5 course meals i make they are much happier with Top O Ramon, then what I make.(Yo-Yo= your on your own)

4. I would kill over and die without caffeine.. Don't even get me started on how many times i cut out soda and coffee, only to be dying by 1pm with the worst caffeine margarine EVER.

5. I will play with all bugs and creatures except spiders. I have let daddy long legs keep me from entering my house because they were to close to my front door. I am terrified of Spiders!

6. I some how function better on 4 hours of sleep rather then 8+.

7. I AM A REALITY TV WHORE.. LOL I would be lost without it.

8.I read ALOT, I can read a 400 page book in a night, you know the ones you cant put down because u are so entwined in them, and you stop reading and u feel like its a show on another station and your missing it?!

9. I have a lot of tattoos! Umm DUh.

10. My boys are TOTAL Mamma's Boys to the core. I have to take 2 steps back sometimes because i find myself trying to paint their nails and straighten their hair. haha

mamma's boys doesn't = girls Meranda.

11. Saying i have been through alot in my 25 years is an understatement. I've lived way more then i should have and had to grow up why to young.. but i don't regret it. It made me the woman I am today and I wouldn't trade that for the world(even on my days when I am a lil TOO rough around the edges)

12. I have a really hard time getting along with other females(LOL) IDK why but my sister is and has been my BFF forever. I dont know if its my Straight up attitude or my overly genuine heart.. or my dominate Taurus-ness lol. but i cant seem to find friends that i mesh well with.. welcome to the blog world.

13. I own Wayy to many pairs of shoes.. and WAYY to many Betsey Johnson bags.. but like the book/movie(in her shoes) says shoes and bags will always fit!

14.I take my camera everywhere I go and use it probably 30% of those places.

15. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions on my face. trust me you will know how i feel one way or another. I guess i am really hard to handle.

But thats Me.

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