Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boys will be..... gray hair inducing?!

So in lovely sunny California.. wait scratch that. we haven't seen the sun in what seems like weeks. I had a plan. We have scheduled family pictures with the AMAZING Christina Looker of but not for a few months. So i had this bright idea i could somehow manage to do some myself.. Well being the last minute person i am(and trying to work with weather and my hubby's work sch) we received somewhere around 12inches of rain. i thought it may never stop. It just goes without saying the weather didn't work with my hubby's sch, so i ventured out to try and get some last minute pictures of the boys... Ya. i think i spot a gray hair coming. ;)

he isn't a picture person, or doing anything he doesnt want to for that matter..I smell terrible twos a brewing

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