Tuesday, November 30, 2010

365 days of yours truly.

Boredness usually equals awesome ;)

One day Beach Trip

So my cousin works at a camera shop in Ventura so i am super lucky to go to him for any camera needs. I was shooting a wedding and my flash was not being my friend. My sister and i figured we would make a trip out of it. I thought i was going to take pictures of the kids at the beach the weather had other plans. After our drive and my sister and niece telling Korbin about the sharks and other things in the ocean korbin wasnt to excited, lol either was Regan(sister). Korbin was over it before we even got near the water and Regan was ready to run because and i quote " the sea looked reallly angry". Well it goes without saying we didn't take to many pictures.

I wish i could be in front of and behind the camera at the same time ;)

Addy Bug

The angry ocean

Ok maybe not to scared after Payton(niece) got in the water

Ryker is a total Car Crazy kid.. and umm i think he is passing it off onto my niece Addyson. What can i say, her older sister is 11 and her cousin's on her dads side are also boys. My sister and i are really close so Addy spends alot of time at my house and my boys at hers needless to say they have made her a pretty tuff lil girl. :) (she looks soo sad in this picture she is a lil under the weather today but still my Lil LoveBug.)

Monday, November 29, 2010

365 days of...... ME..

So I've been browsing  the blogs and flickr lately and have seen a lot of people doing 365 days of... So i think its my turn. Pretty days, sad days, mad days, whatever days. Somewhere threw out that day i am going to remember to stop and smile frown scream whatever for a picture wither i bust out My rebel or stop for a min in the mirror  with my phone I'm gonna do it. Um. Promises :) Chronics of Meranda here i come!


I was trying to get a picture of my newly decorated Crazy Hello kitty bathroom( Hey i have to have at least one room to myself) :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Turkey Day(Well Kind Of)

I was so excited for today..getting already thinking I am going to take my boys out front where they newly cut down some trees and take pictures. ha. what was i thinking, I guess you can say my kids are soo over me and my camera in their face. i was hoping i might get at least 1 good picture of them all spiffy for our christmas cards... Um lets just say I soo give up.

Who wants to share their Birthday with Turkey Day?!

This year Mr. Ryker's Birthday fell on Thanksgiving. I BEGGED my mother-in-law not to get him any type of "thanksgiving cakes" After my Grandma told me the story of crying on her birthdays because every cake her parents got her had poinsettias on it(her b-day falls 4 days before Christmas :(.. I myself made him a cake the furthest from turkey day bright and all boy.. needless to say she got him a turkey cake.. but thank goodness his next birthday going head to head with turkey day wont be for 7 more years!!! Happy Birthday to My Rye Rye. I love you everyday more and more and wish i could find our never never land because i do not want them to EVER grow up.

(Dad behind the Lens) shhh i promised i wouldn't make him feel bad :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Paper Mama's Eyes Contest.

So I've captured some awesome pictures of my boys and here are a few i love of their eyes! I know I've been a horrible blogger but I am making a come back. Scouts Honor :)

Mr Ryker will be 2 on Thanksgiving!

Mr. Korbin 3 y/o

Oh, and this is Korbin's GF Marilyn. I swear shes a life size dora! So Beautiful!

The Paper Mama

Friday, November 12, 2010

.Park Days of Fall.

 Crusing to the Park.

I swear Boys have permanent dirty faces :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010