Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who wants to share their Birthday with Turkey Day?!

This year Mr. Ryker's Birthday fell on Thanksgiving. I BEGGED my mother-in-law not to get him any type of "thanksgiving cakes" After my Grandma told me the story of crying on her birthdays because every cake her parents got her had poinsettias on it(her b-day falls 4 days before Christmas :(.. I myself made him a cake the furthest from turkey day bright and all boy.. needless to say she got him a turkey cake.. but thank goodness his next birthday going head to head with turkey day wont be for 7 more years!!! Happy Birthday to My Rye Rye. I love you everyday more and more and wish i could find our never never land because i do not want them to EVER grow up.

(Dad behind the Lens) shhh i promised i wouldn't make him feel bad :)

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