Sunday, December 26, 2010

Night Of Lights.

In this small town of Bakersfield we have this little place they like to call a "Zoo" its more like a lil reserve for animals that were hurt or unable to live in the wild. But OK we will call it a Zoo. :) So at this zoo they have their annual Christmas lights thingy. My mother-in-laws birthday is really close to Christmas so we always find a Christmas-y thing to do for her. So off to the Zoo we go :) Thank gosh we decided to go before the rain of the century hit California. But my boys LOVED it. Ryker set on Santa's lap and told him how good he has been, Korbin set back because he had to have his own bag of the Yummiest :) Kettle Corn in the world(I'm eating it as i type), Me, Hubby, the boys, and the parentals danced in the middle of the crowds with the dancing light trees(yes people probably thought we were crazy, and we topped it off with a Carousal Ride that almost caused me to up-chuck all that yummy kettle corn(i think the horses thought they were in a race and all were in a mad dash for 1st) Korbin of course loved it and Ryker wanted off at the 2nd time around. Korbin wanted seconds, I however had my feet planted on the mossy grass and still felt like i was spinning. The awesome daddy he is braved that race of porcelain horses 2 more time. All in all it was just what we needed, but Korbin made sure to note that next time we come to the zoo he wants to see the animals NOT lights :)

Yes he is connected to her hip.. thats Gran Nan. for you.

watching Dad get his Kettle corn

i would pay the 12 dollars to get in just so i could get more of that stuff :)


my boys can get down

lol who is paying attentiom

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