Sunday, June 20, 2010

Man Of the Year Award.

I have been blessed with the best Husband(will be), Father, Friend, Companion, Lover. Etc anyone could ask for. I never thought that a Man could be so perfect. He is so dedicated to his family, the glue that holds everything together and without him i believe we would crumble. I am so happy that we found each other and continue to strive for our best! That leads me to my post for the day. Dalton you are the best Father i could ever have asked for,and i THANK YOU for everything! Happy Father's Day My Love. I am so blessed to watch you with our boys and they are so incredibly lucky to have such an awesome hands on Daddy! Words can not describe how great you are. From the time we wake up to the time Mr. Korbin and Ryker cannot keep their eyes open you keep a smile on their face! Their laughter constantly rumbling threw out the house with you being the source. You are the perfect Father and i cannot express Korbie and Rye-Rye's Love for you. It makes my heart smile when you pull up from work and they're more excited then Mi-Mi for you to be home. When they look for you when you leave the room when they want to crawl into bed with their Daddy, and when they want to wake you up with the cutest lil Hi Daddies! I can go on forever but i think i would run out of room. If i could give you a reward i would but i know the Biggest reward of all his the joy and love you bring into all of our lives WE LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!

Here are a few pictures from our Father's Day Shoot we tried to have(lol) Dad's a distraction

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