Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Um Size 9 please :)

Anyone else addicted as much as i am. screw coffee give me a birthday cake cake pop please! 

For the love of Hockey

I wish I was skinny.. I want to do a session like this ♥

13 days and counting.. eekkkk i dont wonna be old

really?!?! i would love to sleep with my clothes above me. dreams of prada, gucci, pucci hahaha

April 25th.... I will officially be on the wrong side of 25

What I'd do to have a lil Mini Me.

One way ticket to here please

Trying to make bow ties for the lil men in my life( ps they do not look like these) 

this chair.. to die for

taking tree house to a whole new level. LOVE


  1. i am sure that you would look great in a photo shot like the one above !! let's do it !! check out my post from today !!