Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh blogger...

Lets call this Leather Couch Confessions :)

Sent Korbin's Photos off to modeling agencies
I <3 this little boy eyed boy!

My blue eyed niece "brattyson" Addyson

They were friends for that 5 secs.

Mr. Blue eyed Jude My Bff Shelley's Little man
Jude giving my brats a piece of his mind(and oh he did he is a talker!)

My blue eyes lover boy!

.Um Kobin can you please just smile, come one one good smile.. oh how i love these boys!

Mr. Model Himself.
Blogger hasn't been my friend lately at all. Ive created sooo many post, spilled me heart, shared some laughs, all that good stuff. Just to hit publish and for it tell me 404 error and my ENTIRE posts were gone.. major sad face. :( I downloaded a new web browser and my last post went off without a hitch so I am going to give it another try! 


  1. Your sons are SO cute!!

    *New follower!

  2. aww well thank you!!! Welcome to my crazy life ;)

  3. Sweet post! I pray that korbs gets that modeling contract....he is just way too photogenic. I love them both so much....and my little jude in the middle talking just to hear his own voice!

  4. Hey! I couldn't find your email for some reason... BUT... look here... you won somthing (bottom of the post):