Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just for Fun. Paper Mama Challenge: Birthday

On a lovely 105 Bakersfield summer day We celebrated Korbin's third birthday.. Red cheeks sweat beads on his nose candy running down his face lol.. he still had enough juice to blow out his candles 4 times!

So I have came to the conclusion that i have extremely way to many pictures. I even got to the point last year of putting them in folders by months(within folders within folders) :(.. Needless to say i spent the last 2 hours searching through folder(taking trips down memory lane) after folder.. i couldn't find my boys birthday pictures at least not all of them so for now here is one i found in my picnik history!
href=""><img src="" alt="The Paper Mama" width="150" height="150" />

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  1. Oh girl I have the same problem! Once I got an external hard drive it took me days and days to reorganize everything and STILL cant find some older stuff when Im looking for it!

    This photo is precious! Love all the colors!!
    You are a doll!