Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cupcake Coma.

So i don't know how many people live close enough to a Sprinkles.. but if you've never enjoyed a Sprinkles cupcake i feel sorry for you total sad face :(... It's hard to explain how yummy they are, or maybe we just live a sheltered life here in B-town lol. Our 1st ever Sprinkles cupcake experience included us waiting outside the Beverly Hills location for almost 3 hours.. yes i said 3 hours for a damn cupcake... we only bought 4 not really knowing (or so over it for wasting half our LA trip standing on rodeo drive waiting for an effing cupcake hahahaha.) how yummy they are or addicting or that i would crave one forever knowing they were 2 hours away.... Well my BF had some job training down in Newport Beach so i went along because he had to go on his birthday, we figured we'd make a trip out of it.. My 1st stop SPPRRRIINNKLLEESS hahaha well not 1st i did wait because Dalton really wanted to go. But yes we had to buy a dozen we ate 4 last night my kids ate one this morning and im about to eat a few more lol just had to brag a lil hahahahaha... and i was super proud cause i actually took my camera out and used it somewhere :)


  1. I would be in heaven! Delish!!

  2. they are the best ever.. so glad we dont have one close or i would probably eat one everyday and weight like 500 pounds LOL.