Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sun Shine?! Sunshine whats that?!

Lately we've been blessed with some sunshine and we all know what that means!! PARK PARK PARK. my kids chant this as soon as we wake up. Korbin this morning went as far as to tell me "do worry Mom i walk to the park myself." this is after me telling him to wait a while for it to get warmer.. Kind of scares me having a park down the block. if Korbin ever disappears we know where to find him i guess(thats horrible and scary) My sister and my niece live really close so yesterday we made an adventure out of it and they joined us! I'm done blogging because guess what... ITS PARK TIME!!!!

two things of Ryker's you don't touch his bottle(ugh i know) or his blankie.. and this lil girl has a agenda of totally pissing him off. He saw his bottle in her hands and i swear was sprinting across the play ground.. Meltdown here we come. Oh and yes that Addyson throwing a major diva feet kicking break down.

Korbin's signature pose...


  1. oh my goodness! your kids are gorgeous! love the pictures!!

  2. Your blog is adorable!!
    And you have a beautiful family :)