Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A week in iphone pics

Arts and Craft time at the Taylor house. I think more lil Dinosaurs ended up all over my house then on the things we were sticking them too.

We covered our entire patio in Beautiful chalk art!

Almond Joy coffee creamer, whipped cream and starbucks in the morning for a rainy day
Korbin got to put his thifted H&M raincoat to use

Photoshoots in the hood. LOL
85 degrees the next day.. sprinkler fun

John's Pizza for some games, go carts, and slides

Toy Line up.
Creepy Ice Cream Truck(well the guy was kinda creepy)
I am addicted to taking pictures of clouds
A lil Korbin past out with his new Ben 10 watch
Yes even when I'm driving(horrible, yes)

My lil lil man, with his big boy hair

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