Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dear Korbin

I love you to infinity and beyond
your were/are my first baby, and I thank you for coming into my life and changing it FOREVER! I have no idea where or who I would be without you.
I watch you and have to hold the tears back. I cannot believe you will be 5 this year.
Please never become to old to give me love and kisses,hold my hand, and always let it be known that you are my little boy.
You are already 4 going on 40.
Your drive,attitude,outlook on life, make me so proud to be your mother.
I know i cannot keep you my baby forever, you start school this year and I pray that you grow up to be an AMAZING man.
You also know my wish for you. I have sang it to since you kicked away in my belly.
I love you with all my heart. I cannot believe you are growing up SO fast.

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