Monday, May 28, 2012

Oops I did it again!

I've kept this secret for almost 2 months! It has killed me not to scream it from the roof tops! Not to post everyday about how weird it was that I wasn't puking my brains out(TMI sorry) My 1st two pregnancies I associated knowing i was preggo to waking up running to the toilet! This time around, I am beyond tired(duh) my ta-tas are killing me, and i can't sleep even if my life depended on it! This was totally unplanned, my two boys make me crazy enough as it is! BUT lets cross our fingers and pray for PINK! This is my LAST time Promise and I would give anything for all things pink. I know, I know... I am not getting my hopes up at all. I did that with Ryker and when they told me he was a boy i was almost disappointed. So healthy boy/GIRL we are hope for!!! Oh ya and I probably need a new blog name ;)

 Announcing Baby #3! 14 weeks!

Photos were taken by one of my Amazing friends! Karen Stewart! Check here out HERE!


  1. So fun!! Congrats and these pics are so pretty! You look great.

    Three boys & a barbie + a baby bump :)
    Three boys & a barbie with a bun in the oven:)
    3 boys & a "prego" barbie :)

  2. Thank you!!!!! Those are some good names!!!