Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home Redo. just a lil glimpse

I have been on a mission lately to get my house in order.. Slowly but surely its coming together well minus the white walls(we are not aloud to paint them total bummer...) I am a total DIY junkie, i have SOOO many projects lined up and soo many projects to do its crazy. Oh and my "crafting area" is smack dab in the living room and just a little on the messy side but i cant be out of sight of my boys so i just gotta make do with them running amuke around me. I was gonna do a room at a time but i just decided to share a lil bit of every room today!!

my accessory frame who everyone wants to steal :) Actually it was an Ikea mirror that i broke. perfect for jewels!!!
Book Shelves ;)

More pictures to come. My punk rock Hello Kitty Bathroom!

Your Inner Beauty Never Needs Make-Up :)

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