Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Its been awhile. Lots has gone on at my house, I missed the blogger world!
  • I started a new project(as the husband likes to call them)
  • We sent the kids to Gran-Nans for a weekend
  • Easter came and went(still have that stupid basket grass in like nooks and corners)
  • My wrong side of 25 birthday came. and it was AWESOME(yo gabba gabba voice).
  • My Son got up at 4 am to play make over in about 300 dollars worth of MAC make-up(gotta love um right)
  • Ive been on a redo my casa overhaul (well thats been going on for.... monthes?!?)
  • Learning to Sew(without throwing it across the room(yet))
  • Gearing up for the HOT summer thats on its way.
  • And just uploaded 948 pictures from the last two weeks (see i swear you'll be seeing ALOT of me)
  • Oh ya and check out this bad boy.. (i know silly but you should see my hubbys and he did it to himself!)

    (Dont mind the cell phone pics)

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