Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'll start by saying forgive my pregnant emotions. Tonight as I lay in bed all cuddled up with my babies, I can't help but cry. When do we realize that we take our babies for granted?! Everyday that I was annoyed with their fighting, fed up with them not listening, sticking them in front of tv because it keeps them occupied, took away moments and days that I will never get back. I'm laying here with my baby my 1st born, bawling because I cannot believe he is FIVE! Five, he started kindergarten yesterday and I'm so excited for him but also so sad that I am going to have to share him with the "real world." I'm sad that I wont get him all to myself. His 1st day was SO hard, he cried, I cried I was so close to grabbing his hand and telling him lets go home. It hurts my heart to see him growing up. I want my baby to stay my baby FOREVER. Today he was beyond excited to go to school which made my happy and sad all in one. Oh and another thing. I cut off his hair.. Yep I cried, yep he cried. everyone told me he would be picked on and made fun of so i decided we would start school with a shorter do and see how it goes. He said he is NEVER cutting it again he doesn't care what anyone says, and you know what I totally agree with him.

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